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This drove my friends wild, but they did seem to visit a lot.Anyway, this particular summer when Karen came home she seemed different--still totally hot, with the party girl attitude, but different around me, friendlier somehow. " I was a little taken aback by this but managed to mumble, "Yeah, I guess so." She laughed and then stepped back and said, "Hey check it out, you like it? Things were pretty normal for the first few weeks of summer.

In fact, she was such a wild child that I think my parents were pretty relieved to send her off to college.

As I went, I couldn't help wondering about just how Karen got that damp spot on her thong, and just thinking about it, about her, was getting me aroused. I never thought of myself as a real pervert (no more so than any other typical teenager with raging hormones anyway) but here I was getting a throbbing hard on at the sight of my sister's panties and the scent of her perfume. "Well, we gotta take off, practice this afternoon." "K, see ya later. " Then the fading sound of footsteps on the stairs, the slamming of the front door, and they were gone. I licked and sucked every inch of her hole, tasting her, exploring the folds of her cunt lips with the tip of my tongue, tongue fucking her, sticking my tongue as deeply inside her as I could, tasting the sweet tang of her own juices mingled with the faintly salty flavor of the spunk that was dripping from her holes. "Good boy." I gasped as I felt the warm wetness of her lips engulfing the head of my cock, moving down my shaft, massaging it with her tongue, slowly taking more and more until my cock was buried in the wet heat of her throat and my sister's nose was mashed against my pubes.

I tried to dismiss it as being simple horniness, but still my thoughts lingered on my sister for a long time. "Oh yeah, little bro, just like that, clean my pussy real good. " Karen squealed and smashed her crotch against my face as she came, squirting hot sticky pussy juices all over my face and open mouth. Clean up my asshole now and you'll get your reward." I obeyed eagerly, tonguing her beautiful tight butthole, lapping all around it, plunging the tip of my tongue deep inside, sucking out all of the jizz that had been shot into her and gulping it down. Ok, go ahead and spread your legs wide apart." I did so and Karen crawled between my legs. She slowly and gently squeezed my balls with one hand as she slurped on my cock, deepthroating it and then releasing, sucking only the head, moving down slowly and teasingly.

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The girls dare each other to silly things like shaking their titties and making out with each other, but you know that’s just the prelude!

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