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You Can Be Direct If Needed If that still doesn’t register for him, be totally direct and say, “I need to get to know you better before I go to your home.

Or “Watching a video doesn’t allow for much conversation and I want to get to know you better first.” My advice, as I would share with any of my dating coaching clients, is to not to judge him yet.

Her book, has received high praise and is treasured by many as one of the best guidebooks on dating.

In it, Ronnie provides the dating tips and strategies that lead her and over 1,000 others to jumpstart or accelerate their search for love.

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She is a speaker and workshop leader who focuses on marketing topics and personal development, and classes for Adult Education programs around New England. Public places are better initially for safety and removing any temptation towards intimacy before you feel ready.This is another opportunity to steer things in a feminine way.First off, men like texting to communicate because they talk one third as much as women do. Use Your Feminine Charm You don’t have to text to set up dates though.Let him know that you prefer to schedule dates via telephone.He seems like a guy who wants something purely casual.

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