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He has two children with her, a daughter named Tanita Strahan and son Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr.He moved them to the US and purchased a 3,000 house in the same Houston neighborhood in which his parents reside.Our photog asked who she thought could take Michael's place next to Kelly Ripa ...

Strahan bailed on a charity gala he was scheduled to co-host, while Ripa was spotted leaving her apartment clutching a copy of the book “David and Goliath.” ABC and Strahan claimed that Ripa had already planned to take time off to celebrate her 20th anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos; however, Ripa sent an email to staff thanking them for giving her time to “process” the new information.

This left us to imagine, how much does Strahan really knows his girlfriend Quick?

Both Strahan and Quick have been in past relationship.

Michael Strahan's sudden departure from “Live” was one of the biggest stories of 2016.

Already forgotten the nitty-gritty details of the scandal? January In January, it was revealed Michael Strahan’s 27-year-old girlfriend had a criminal past.

Must Read: Nicole Murphy dating boyfriend Diego Ward after ending engagement to fiance Michael Strahan. They met at a Manhattan spa and he has two twin daughters with her, Sophia and Isabella Strahan.

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