Who is lana turner dating

The sensational stabbing of Lana Turner's gangster lover, Johnny Stompanato, by her teenage daughter, Cheryl Crane, exposed the stars' dangerous liaisons.There are still questions about what happened that night in Turner's pink bedroom.It was John Stompanato." Patricia Bosworth: "Johnny Stompanato was originally from Woodstock, Illinois." John Ibrahim: "Very small, about 90 miles northwest of Chicago. He was dead on the floor." George Schlatter: "And Johnny Stompanato walked into the knife.My name is John Ibrahim and my father was John Stompanato. mafia who had taken over from Bugsy Siegel when Bugsy Siegel was murdered." Cheryl Crane: "She had no idea of what he did or who he was, other than he was attractive." John Ibrahim: "Well he must've thought he hit the jackpot." George Schlatter: "She really was crazy about Johnny Stompanato. He was so angry with her." George Schlatter: "And up here is the house where it all happened. You'll never work in this town again.' And 'you can't throw me out. 730 Bedford right on the corner." Patricia Bosworth: It was raining. You can't get rid of me." Patricia Bosworth: "At that point Cheryl ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen." Cheryl Crane: "There's a knife on the counter.

Her hands were trembling, she was terrified of John. I don't want to see you anymore.' And that's when they started to having this terrible, terrible argument." Cheryl Crane: "I could hear voices, but I couldn't hear what was going on. I went down the hall to her bedroom door and I stood there and I listened. 'I'll cut your face, I'll kill your mother, I'll kill your daughter.

"Heard about California, and 'wow, that's the place to go.' So he just up and left." Patricia Bosworth: "He was Mickey Cohen's bodyguard. However, she did not really want to be seen with him that much." Cheryl Crane: "When the gentleman of the moment started getting too pushy is when my mother ended it." Patricia Bosworth: "He would not take rejection. I mean he said, 'If I leave you, I will leave you but I will cut your face up.'" Cheryl Crane: "He made gangster threats. You'll never get away from me." George Schlatter: "It was 1958...

She'd been nominated for an Academy Award for "Peyton Place.'" Patricia Bosworth: She got dressed up in this beautiful skin tight dress with diamonds.

It was in China, that Stompanato met his first wife, Sarah Utish; a Turkish girl living in China, and converted to Islam in order to marry her.

The two married on May 1946 and moved to Woodstock, where they had their first son, John III.

Two weeks later, Bey ends their relationship by never calling her again.

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