Who is keisha chante dating

Alexandra knew all three men in the past; knows their wives' secrets, and decides to throw a very interesting and surprising party!The very 1st porn musical, tells a more updated and highly charged erotic story of Alice and her starnge trip into Wonderland.This steamy sexvid is one of Bruce Seven's earliest all-girl epics, and it's clear that he's had an eye for Sapphic eroticism for quite some time.In this white-hot feature, he's brought together some of the tastiest, breastiest babes of the era for a fast and furious trek through the far reaches of lesbian lust.One day she and her lover dream up a deliciously nasty scheme to force a divorce from her straight-laced husband.

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But nothing back home could have prepared this pretty young songwriter for the sordid adventures she would find in Hollywood!

Asia & her husband are both pornstars, and have no problems having sex with others on camera, after all, it's business. Her husband doesn't like this at all…What will she do?

However, Asia's carrer is begin to weaken and the studio needs her to do anal on screen to boost her back up to the top.

Rebecca Bardoux and Marc Wallice play an engaged couple with one small problem -- Marc keeps having the same recurring dream.

He envisions himself in the loving arms of Rebecca's friend Tera Heart, but before he can move his hand above her knee, he wakes up screaming her name!

So he puts ads in the papers, he goes around from house to house, he even dreams about finding himself in hooter heaven at every turn. This steamy sex video revolves around a millionaire who's determined to show his friends the time of their lives.

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