Who is iggy azalea dating 2016


It breeds hard people, because it’s about the lack of privilege." I’m not entirely convinced anyone who has grown up in the ghetto projects of an American city would make the same parallels with life on 12 acres in a pleasant rural outback but it is part of the genre's modus operandi for artists to mythologise their own particular struggles and experience.

Perhaps it might be better to dismiss the issue of authenticity altogether, which has become something of a red herring for rap, itself a highly contrived form that is one of the dominant global musical genres.

Not bad for a blonde Australian model named after her dog.

But is she really the next big thing or just the right girl in the right place at the right time?

Fancy might just be the hit of the summer, with its thick Eighties bass synth and boastful chorus delivered in snooty nosed style by Britain’s Charlie XCX.

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And they are both collaborations in the modern stripped back post-EDM pop style with beautiful up-and-coming young (white) women.She raps about being a "white chick on that Pac sh-t (pronounced shee-it, obviously) and Tupac Shakur is a clear influence.She even occasionally employs his trademark "ride or die" phrase, although it is just one of many hip hop cliché's that pepper her lyrics (she is in the "murda bizness", apparently, "slaying these hoes").She has a strong sense of tempo and flow, shifting fluidly from regular rhythm to an urgent double time, and though her spoken voice has an unremarkable polite Australian inflection, she adopts sharp, nasal rapping tone which cuts through the beats in a way that is reminiscent of the UK's Tinie Tempah (and she also has his habit of punctuating phrases with a long "yeah").She’s got a sharp turn of phrase ("I’m a debut, you a déjà vu"), her subject matter is banal, relentlessly focussed on the struggle to make it and all the usual braggadocio about why she's better than everyone else, exhorting listeners to "bow down to a Goddess" and all hail "the new Bitch".She sounds, in other words, like a lot of other rappers, so what exactly has set her apart?

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