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1, 2016, one count of assault causing bodily harm in Chilliwack on Dec.15, 2016, and one count of uttering threats in Chilliwack on Jan. Kuntz-Angel has a criminal record from Vernon for theft under ,000 and from Surrey for careless use or storage of a firearm.8:9-14; 23-25; -35) have both a historical as well as future fulfillment.Because these prophecies point both to Antiochus Epiphanes as well as the future Antichrist of the New Testament Bible students call them a Conservative scholars, on the other hand, realize both a historical completion (they were still future when Daniel wrote them) in Antiochus as well as future prophecies that prefigure the Antichrist.Chilliwack RCMP are on the hunt for a 52-year-old man wanted for a number of sexual crimes including against children dating back to 2006.David Kuntz-Angel has outstanding warrants for invitation to sexual touching a person under 14 in Chilliwack in 2006, and invitation to sexual touching under 16 in Chilliwack and Hope from 2008.The ranch was purchased by its current owners in 1994 and continues to be a working cattle ranch.Coldstream is governed by a seven-member council, led by Mayor Jim Garlick.

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Weather Facts: Coldstream is home to Kal Beach, which is located on the shore of Kalamalka Lake.There are also differences of opinion among fundamental Bible scholars as to where the prophecies regarding Antiochus end and those pertaining to the Antichrist begin.We will at this time focus on the comparisons or parallels between the wicked Syrian king Antiochus IV who viciously and cruelly persecuted the Old Testament saints of God and the coming “man of sin” commonly referred to in the New Testament as the Antichrist.The name Epiphanes means the “Illustrious One,” although his contemporaries nicknamed him Epimanes, meaning “madman.” He differs in many respects with the “little horn” of Daniel Chapter seven seeing that “the little horn of 7:8 appears in the context of the fourth kingdom (Rome), while the little horn of 8:9 appears in the context of the third kingdom (Greece).” Yet taken as a whole Antiochus IV Epiphanes is undoubtedly one of the greatest prototypes of the Antichrist in all of God’s Word.The prophecies of Antiochus Epiphanes in Daniel (Dan.He is 52 years old, height 6’0” (184 centimetres), weight 170 pounds (77 kilograms), with blonde/grey hair and hazel eyes.

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