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Dyer was initially brought in as a witness, but suddenly found himself the prime suspect; the investigation into the other two, who both played for the rich and powerful Collingwood club, was dropped.For Krien, Dyer's trial, which ended in acquittal, was, as her subtitle puts it, all about Sex, Power and a Journey into the Dark Heart of Sport.

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The next was a recently decided case striking a gaming restriction for a sex offender. Yes they are computers and yes they can connect to the Internet. two of the top gaming consoles in 2008 had 10 million and 9.8 million subscribers respectively.But, as reportage, what's missing is an explanation of how an investigation into rape allegations by a couple of Australian rules footballers was somehow shunted into the sidings of a different incident.She wonders about it herself, when the sordid alleged details of Sarah Wesley's ordeal with the footballers comes out as hearsay at the committal proceedings, but doesn't dig any further. Though it's an Australian story, it's relevant to all countries with testosterone-fuelled professional team sports that apparently encourage a sense of sexual entitlement.But can sex offenders use them to have contact with minors and/or access pornography? Contact with Minors A 2008 Pew Research study noted “For most teens, gaming is a social activity and a major component of their overall social experience.” The study provided some stats on this. The same study noted: You got real numbers on that? So is it possible for a sex offender to have contact with a minor through a gaming console? Accessing Pornography Okay, so a sex offender can play a game with a minor. It’s not like they can forward them pornography or send them a picture of themselves?Specifically: * 97% of teens ages 12-17 play computer, web, portable, or console games * 86% of teens play on a console like the Xbox, Play Station, or Wii. Well, according to the 2011 Video Game Consoles Review, 8 of the 9 gaming consoles have web browsing capabilities and 5 of 9 can accommodate a webcam.Out of a sample of 200 ladies (or should that be "laid-ees"?

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