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The commission was replaced by a condominium in 1906.

During World War II the islands served as bases for Allied forces in the Pacific theater.

After new elections in 1998, Donald Kalpokas became prime minister, but a no-confidence motion in 1999, led to his resignation, and Barak Sopé succeeded him.

Also in 1999, John Bernard Bani was elected president.

In 1980 the New Hebrides became independent as Vanuatu, and a secession movement on Espiritu Santo was put down with aid from Papua New Guinea and Britain.

A coalition government led by Prime Minister Maxime Carlot took office in 1991. Carlot's government lost power after the 1995 general elections, but the new coalition foundered, and Corlot again was prime minister from April to September in 1996, when Serge Vohor took office.

On the SW coast of Efate island, it is a deep-sea port built around a natural harbor at Pontoon Bay...... Vanuatu's islands are forested and mountainous, formed by volcanic eruptions (and still subject to them).

The highest peak (c.6,195 ft/1,890 m) is on Espiritu Santo.

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Copra, beef, cocoa, and timber are the main exports; machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, and fuels are imported.Edward Natapei replaced Sopé as prime minister in 2001.Alfred Maseng became the country's fifth president in Apr., 2004, but he was removed from office the following month.Vanuatu is a 450-mi (724-km) chain of 80 islands, of which the most important are Espíritu Santo Efate, Fr.Vaté , volcanic island, c.300 sq mi (780 sq km), South Pacific, most important island of Vanuatu and seat of Port Vila, the capital and administrative center. Havannah Harbour was developed during World War II...... 45,694), capital and largest town of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.After parliamentary elections in July, Serge Vohor became prime minister for a second time, and in August, Kalkot Mataskelekele was elected president.

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