Vancouver dating scene bad

Before shooting the series, Mundle, Avery and a camera team went down to English Bay to ask people what they thought of the dating scene in Vancouver.

Seth uses this to his advantage and promises to bring alcohol to Jules' party.“I thought trying Lavalife may be an interesting way to find people, and interesting it was.Inevitably there’s a high percentage of times where, when you get there, the person that is portrayed online really isn’t the person you actually meet in the coffee shop,” Mundle said with a laugh.“[We said], oh my god, this is true, and there are even more wacky, wild stories out there that people have actually experienced.” The team behind Single & Dating in Vancouver is happy with the response its received so far for their first episode, which can be viewed at or on You Tube.Some comments on the You Tube video praised the cinematography and acting, while others criticized the show’s Vancouver focus with such comments as, “No one cares about Vancouver.” Avery says they’ll keep putting in references only Vancouverites may catch — Troy, for example, is nearly hit at the end of the episode by a cyclist not using a bike lane. We’re going to keep giving Vancouver those inside jokes.Mundle enlisted the help of Sheri Rabold, whom he worked with on Stargate Universe, to play Sheri Wilson.

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