Validating radio buttons in perl


29 contributors crossed the tangled weave of the web this week to get their commits lobbed straight on to Rails’ master branch.That master branch, by the way, is now targeting Rails 6.0. This is Prathamesh, bringing you the latest edition of This Week in Rails, covering highlights from the Rails community, as well as changes recently made to the framework. This week there were 22 contributors to Rails including contributions from 4 first-timers. This change constructs a single query for inserting fixtures from different tables.The number of parallel workers is customizable, and which one will have its own temporary database.

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Hey there, esteemed readers of Rails’ public repo tea leaves.

The deadline is January 19th, so now’s the time to get that proposal in!

Bulk ALTER support has existed for My SQL’s adapter for many years.

It’s now possible to use environment variables and IAM roles to authenticate to AWS in Active Storage. There were many more changes to Rails’ codebase, which you can check out here. This commit applies precision when assigning values to time columns, fixes issues with time columns not being normalised on SQLite and ensures that the date component from a time is stripped for My SQL and Postgre SQL.

New version of mysql2 gem brings some bugfixes and features but also some backward incompatibilites. When Redis Cache Store is initialised it should take a redis instance but it didn’t before this patch. This is Roque bringing you the latest news from the Rails world.

This week came the release candidate of the next Rails release.

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