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Power KPI Matrix supports an unlimited number of KPIs in a single visual, along with optional categorizations, images, and sparklines.

With the latest version, 2.0, it also includes an interactive pop-out of the full Power KPI chart within the visual for a given selected cell.

As a business intelligence (BI) professional at Microsoft, I’m often asked how to measure success for a given product, service, team, or organization. True success is broader and more holistic than a single metric can adequately represent.

While I believe that everything can be measured, I advocate that only certain, key measurements be used to most effectively drive alignment across large organizations.

End users access the latest KPIs by using a web browser or the Power BI app on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Power KPI presents detailed historical trend data and target comparisons for a single KPI.Also, one could only drill so far into a single spreadsheet before running into the storage limits of Excel, especially when working outside the corporate network.More recently, and especially with the rapid adoption of Power BI dashboards and reports by so many teams within Microsoft, my own team started to use Power BI visuals connected to on-premises SQL Analysis Services tabular models via the Power BI On-Premise Gateway to present balanced scorecard views for executive reporting and strategic management.My team at Microsoft, called CDn A for Customer Data and Analytics, is no exception.We measure a variety of key metrics, both financial and non-financial, including customer usage and satisfaction of Microsoft products and services.(above, the Visio preview custom visual with shapes linked to live data measurements) The custom visuals shown here also work well within the mobile Power BI applications.

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