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Sometimes people who are trying to bully someone may ask for these kinds of images so they can send them on to other people.

Download our free Zipit app for loads of great ways to deal with sexting. Sometimes those emails might be shared with other people who could join in the bullying.

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Sexting is when someone takes a sexually explicit picture or video of themselves and then sends it to someone else.Think about what you're doing If you use digital technology to upset, anger or embarrass someone on purpose, this means you're involved in online bullying.It might be as simple as ‘liking’ a mean post on Facebook or spreading a rumour on Twitter. Sometimes it can make people self-harm or lead to them feeling suicidal.Sending those types of messages using someone else’s account without their permission is also online bullying.Social networks can be used in lots of different ways to bully someone.Sometimes when people tag posts with ‘self-harm’, ‘depression’ or even ‘suicide’ it can lead to other people sending them nasty messages.

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