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All on Adult Swim's video site: "Hostile Makeover", the season six premiere. They have said this before but the first episode of Season 7 will act as a finale to Season 6.

(Much like how the Gargantua-2 special ended Season 5 on a proper note).

They are very conscious that the past two seasons have not had a proper finale and they are trying to fix that in Season 7.

While they have not been renewed for a Season 8, they HAVE NOT been cancelled. It has expanded into a much bigger book than they imagined and Ken Plume has been doing the work on it.

Doc goes into some season seven stuff, but they're still in early phases of writing so it's mostly audience questions.

Super thanks to Moosey Mooz for sending these along.

It's also safe to assume you don't need to hold your breath waiting for it.

Based on the production schedule for the most recent season the premiere is likely not going to happen until 2018 at earliest, but we're likely looking at some time in 2019.

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