Tsukasa and subaru dating

~ Your sigh was heard by your heterochromatic-eyed companion, causing him to be concerned. "I don't seem like the type that's trustworthy enough to take care of you, huh? " You laughed emptily without humor before slouching, a depressing aura almost visible around you. " he exclaimed, flailing his arms around in a futile attempt to cheer you up. approached me a while back..," you started, straightening up a little.

Formerly a beta-tester for Fragment, he's been a gamer his whole life.

Mentioned in: .hack//AI Buster .hack//SIGN, the four R:1 games, .hack//Liminality World Identity: Captain of the Cobalt Knights; a group of system administrators.

Albireo is tasked with removing Vagrant AI and other irregularities that are the result of the previous games.

This realization led to his deteriorating health and withdrawal from the game. Real Identity: Kazushi Watarai, an employee at Cyberconnect, or "CC Corporation" and head of its debug team, the Cobalt Knights; was blamed for the Twilight Incident and forced to resign.

Appears in: .hack//AI Buster, cameos at the end of .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet, .hack//Link World Identity: One of the so-called "Descendants of Fianna", who defeated a supposedly Hopeless Boss Fight called "The One Sin." Orca was actually the original person chosen to receive the Key of the Twilight from Aura; but Skeith got to him first and Data Drained him.

Nothing at all, but I need to tell you one thing," Arashi was still speaking with a smile, but the said smile was turning a bit unsettling. I'm sure you've been given a clear warning already, but...

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