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When you are here, the two of you will enjoy long walks in the streets and parks that sprawl the area. All over the world, it is becoming more and more difficult coming across a natural park in the modern era. When here, you will behold an awesome garden that has been praised in many ancient and modern poems for its beauty. The Baccarat chandelier is the only one of its kind in the world.Each year, the chandelier and the Christmas tree are lit up to welcome those in a good spiritual mood.Walking under it has been compared to walking in a large cinema with the screen above you.The Sensoji Temple is a very popular place and being here will be one of the things you will always cherish as a couple.This is basically a place where you can experience speed dating in Tokyo. First, patrons are asked to fill out a form with some key information about them.Next, male and female patrons are randomly paired and are seated comfortably at a table for two.The Roppongi Hills are among the most famous and beautiful places to visit in Tokyo.

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There are also many places to have dinner or coffee all over the island.Aiseki Cafe is located in Ginza, Tokyo which advertises itself as a place where you can casually meet other people.In Japanese, Aiseki means “sharing a table,” particularly with someone you don’t know. It was established with the goal of giving people a place to meet potential soulmates.At Aiseki Cafe, each patron will get unlimited coffee and cakes. “Where coffee is found, love will find a way,” is a saying that truly captures the cafe’s nature. Aiseki Cafe’s Website *Japanese only Related Articles: Chill Out and Relax at These 5 Quaint Cafes in Machida!Women have the advantage of paying only 500 yen and enjoying unlimited coffee and cakes with no time limit! Men can enjoy an hour of unlimited coffee and cakes for 2,500 yen, and if they wish to extend, each additional hour will cost them another 1,000 yen. So if you’re young, single, or simply want to widen your social horizon, just quickly fill out a form and get seated at a table of unknown possibilities. Compensated Dating in Japan: Older Men Dating High School Girls?Yurakucho is a modern and traditional city that has gained repute for its urban lifestyle that most people on a date will love.

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