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April Jones, a teacher at a Collier County school, was just arrested for driving under the influence.

According to reports, police officers found the teacher highly intoxicated while behind the wheel.

Lisa Smith, the victim’s mother, confessed to police that her and her boyfriend may have taken their discipline too far.

According to the 19-year-old mother’s statement, her and her ...

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel is calling his most recent DUI arrest ‘one of the worst’ the department has ever seen.

According to reports, Riverside police were called out to a gas station in Chicago when one witness noticed the suspect passed out in her vehicle. Lisa Smith and Keiff King were both arrested for murdering four-year-old Tahjir Smith in Pennsylvania.

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Investigators now believe that suspect Nasim Aghdam attacked the headquar...

Alex van der Zwaan will be the first person sentenced in the investigation surrounding Robert Mueller.

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