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He thinks there’s a huge Celtic city in the forest, and that the report has been censored to hide this fact.

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The University of Washington (Seattle data set) supplied most of the measurements. sample 3 linen from Cleopatra’s Mummy, age measured by scintillation counting = 2,010 ± 80 yr BP.

Error is a normal part of science, no method is immune, results should be subjected to a critical examination and control experiments performed to determine the accuracy of the measurements.

Finally it never hurts to review the literature, this should always be the initial step in any endeavor.

Up until that date it requires the approval of Iwi. It was very clearly imposing a restriction on certain information related to the extensive and very expensive archaeological excavations conducted in the Waipoua Forest between the late 1970’s until the late 1980’s.

Some documents in national archives were held back from scrutiny on the request of an iwi – until 1996! Right at the very beginning of that article is the front page of the Archives document which states very clearly in handwriting ‘restricted until 2063’.

A small amount of one report was apparently withheld from publication, after requests from local iwi.

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