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Netherland's plug-in sales contracted from 43 300 units in 2015 to 9 700 within 2 years.Still, European plug-in sales increased by 39 % last year, 1/3rd can be attributed to growth in Germany.

Netherlands' buyers still struggled with the incentive shift from plug-in hybrids to pure-electric vehicles.

If the preliminary sales results of January are any indication, Germany is on the way to become the largest plug-in vehicle market in Europe and the 5th largest globally.

Purchase incentives were introduced as late as 2016, but reaction was hesitant, by then.

Another highlight was Norway, where plug-in shares are the worlds highest, with 32,5 % in 2017, BEV and PHEV combined.

In December Norway reached 42 % and, counting only passenger cars, 50 % of December sales were electrically chargeable vehicles.

It all means more choice and better value for broader adoption.

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