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This has been happening since World War One when many people sadly lost their partners in the war.Apparently, there are hundreds of requests a year in France. Another strange and seemingly pointless law that exists in Monaco involves having to write an announcement on a bit of paper.This hilarious divorce law is actually taken seriously in Saudi Arabia.Believe it or not, a woman can file for divorce if her husband fails to supply her with fresh coffee. Apparently fresh coffee is the key to a happy marriage in Saudi Arabia. This has got to be one of the most hilarious marriage laws in the world.It’s not a divorce law per se but had to be included because it is so odd. If one of the people getting married is actually already dead then that’s OK.

One of the funniest divorce laws in the world that still hasn’t been discarded is that a man can divorce his wife as long as he leaves her with ‘10 pounds of dried beans, 5 pounds of dried apples, a side of meat and ample yarn with which to knit herself stockings for a year.’ What a hilarious way to end a marriage.

All you have to do is write a note announcing your marriage and put it up in the local town hall.

However, you are not allowed to take it down after a day, it must remain there for at least 10 days which also must include two Sundays.

You're on a drunken night out and your friends dare you to get married so you do, just for a joke.

Well, fear not, if this happens in Delaware, you can get an annulment.

However, they need to have been mentally ill for at least five years throughout the marriage.

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