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Larger municipalities also provide water and sewage facilities and other services.Originally, government was based on the town meeting, at which the citizens elected selectmen to run the town between the annual meetings.Although the legislature is in session for only three to five months each year, there is interim committee activity.For many years the legislative branch had considerably less power than the executive, but since the late 1960s the legislature has achieved equal status through a combination of strong leadership, increased staffing, and improved facilities.The justices of the Supreme Court and of the appellate and superior courts are nominated by the governor and appointed by the General Assembly for eight-year terms.Probate judges are elected on partisan ballots for four-year terms.In relation to most states, Connecticut has provided generous welfare benefits.Departments for the elderly and for children and youth services have been established to meet the special needs of communities.

Most larger communities have opted for a city form with an elected mayor and council.

The senatorial districts are approximately equal in population.

The House of Representatives was originally based on towns, with each town, regardless of size, having at least one representative.

Much work in rehabilitating urban areas remains to be done, however, especially in residential neighbourhoods.

There is also a shortage of lower- and middle-income housing.

Urban redevelopment programs in Connecticut’s larger cities have made progress, although areas of inner-city blight and abandoned housing have remained.

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