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But don’t let the mountains fool you: Tucson is a desert city.Several state and national parks surround the city, including Saguaro National Park, where a lot of the picturesque magazine photos of imposing saguaro cactus come from, The Spanish mission, San Xavier del Bac is located near Tucson.Occlusal surface wear was quantified according to Smith (1984) and Scott (1979a) to characterize diversity within the site and to facilitate comparison with other foraging groups worldwide.General linear modeling was used to assess observation error and principal axis analysis was used to compare molar wear rates and angles.

in the Andean Altiplano, offer an opportunity to independently test hypotheses for early permanent use of the region.Tucson is nestled in the valley of five small mountain ranges, the shining star of which is Mount Lemmon in the Santa Catalina range.At over 9,000 feet, it is the southernmost winter ski resort in the country.Research on the speed and tempo of this colonization process is active and holds implications for understanding rates of genetic, physiological and cultural adaptation in our species.Permanent occupation of high-elevation environments in the Andes Mountains of South America tentatively began with hunter–gatherers around 9 ka according to current archaeological estimates, though the timing is currently debated.Discussion: Tooth wear rates, molar wear plane, and caries rates are consistent with terrestrial foraging and a diverse diet. The results therefore contribute critical new data toward our understanding of forager diet in the Altiplano prior to plant and animal domestication in the south-central Andes.

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