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From Department of employment – National Customer Service Line – 1800805260Interviews and paid work should be counted as part of your working credit so the time spent doing either of these activities becomes part of work for the dole hours.I was told by National Customer Serice Line that if I spent time doing these activities this would reduce the time I spent WFTDi.e.Here is another link which is easier to understand: Eligibility criteria To be required to do WFD, job seekers must:be receiving the full rate income support, and... However...remember that the Centrelink system works on a fortnightly basis.If in any fortnight you have not worked and have received the full rate of income support you may be referred to some kind of activity, until such a time as when you no longer receive the full rate. Declare earnings every fortnight of at least 1, whether or not you have received these.The list of other approved activities includes voluntary work.I have included the references that the expert from the Department of Employment talked me through below. I have been doing intermittent casual work for the past year so I have not been receiving the full unemployment benefit (earned grand total of 00 from Centrelink last financial year).

"The Dole" is defined as the full rate of income support by law.This will cover you for any medical and like costs for a workplace injury. In this case I do not think I need to make up the time at another date but check with centrelink 5. Where can I find the documented process/rules to follow ?If I get asked to attend a job interview on my assigned WFTD time and I cannot change this interview time, what is the process I follow for doing this. Do I need to make up my assigned WFTD hours on another day ?From your point 2 it sounds like you have not received the full rate of income support and are being told you still have to participate in some kind of activity.I would refer you to the Social Security Act - Amendment 1997: (2E) For the purposes of paragraph (2)(b), the Secretary must not notify aperson that the person is required to participate in an approved program ofwork for unemployment payment if: (a) because of the application of Module G of Payment Rate Calculator B in section 1068, the person is receiving a newstart allowance at a rate that has been reduced...Typically you will need a medical certificate, and you have to notify the activity host (most important) and your provider.

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