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Make sure your bio description reflects these changes.You may be wondering how this is different from the question above, and you’re not the only one: many people take this as a call to include their job title in their social media bio, but this doesn’t have to be copied right out of your staff directory.) don’t keep their brand consistent across different channels.

You may hold certifications from acclaimed institutions, but if they don’t provide any useful information about your current occupation, it may be best to exclude them.

Your social media bio is like a business card: a quick, pithy way to show your new audience what you’re all about.

Previously, we have discussed the general rules for setting up social media bios, as well as special considerations for each of the major social networks. Composing your bio is one of the first steps in setting up a new social media account.

All your social media bios should include your most commonly used name.

This may seem like Social Media 101 material, but it’s surprising how many people (and businesses!

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