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Also, the user could be interrupted by a phone call at any point in this process and come back to share the photo after finishing the phone call.

In Android, this app-hopping behavior is common, so your app must handle these flows correctly.

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This guide assumes that the reader has familiarity with the Android Framework.

A typical Android app is constructed out of multiple app components, including activities, fragments, services, content providers and broadcast receivers.

Most of these app components are declared in the app manifest which is used by the Android OS to decide how to integrate your app into the overall user experience with their devices.

The camera app, in turn, may trigger other intents, like launching the file chooser, which may launch another app.

The point of all this is that your app components can be launched individually and out-of-order, and can be destroyed at anytime by the user or the system.

Don't forget that you don't those classes, they are just glue classes that embody the contract between the OS and your app.

The Android OS may destroy them at any time based on user interactions or other factors like low memory.

We are committed to create the most efficient and comprehensive features and benefits for our users to encompass any need they could possibly have when assigning and scheduling referees, umpires and officials.

Creating a schedule for or managing your referees, umpires and officials could not be easier!

If you are new to app development, check out the Getting Started training series, which covers prerequisite topics for this guide.

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