Roy qiu dating

After boarding the car, the pair took off their masks and Tia drove off to Roy’s apartment.

Upon reaching Roy’s place, Tia was visibly shocked when she spotted the paparazzi.

The breakup of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan, from a relationship that neither ever admitted while they were dating, is turning decidedly ugly with the media fanning the flames.

Tang Yan made a few public appearances since the breakup and the media was quick to note that she looked wan and even burst into tears when she saw an old married couple being happy.

Somewhere Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En are laughing their heads off, but I only say this because what happens between two people in a private relationship is really no one’s business.

And Tang Tang is totally his type – the sexy yet aegyo sweet girl.

Check out their real life chemistry when they did a skit when promoting The Daughters.

Roy clarified that they were attending a gathering and Tia drove him home because he had drank some wine.

He also stressed, “It was just a pure gathering with the drama cast.” Tia also dismissed the rumours through her manager and said, “All friends will do this!

If she sees this news, she will be affected and will be unhappy for a long time.” Netizens are doubtful of Roy and Tia’s statement and questioned why Roy could not take a taxi instead.

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