Reasons for dating football players

They connected through mutual friends and instantly hit it off.

They shared similar interests and life views, and bonded over their mutual appreciation of ice cream and football.

They understand the meaning of sacrifice and selflessness more than most young people.

“These are qualities I see in Matt, as well as in many of his buddies.

Jordan Wawrzyniak, junior at Indiana University, is currently in a relationship.

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They give up their time, bodies, and energy for the sake of others- their teammates, community, etc.

Otherwise I won’t have much of my own individual strength and encouragement to offer.

It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s so worth it.” However, it’s not just football keeping these two together.

Being a college football player’s girlfriend has its ups and downs, but Jordan said it would likely be harder if she didn’t truly love football and sports in general, but luckily she love both, which makes it so exciting and enjoyable.

She said the biggest challenge with dating a football player is having to frequently adjust her schedule. after finishing homework, they’re getting ready to go to bed,” she said, “But when you care about them, you make it happen.

Before every game, Jordan writes a note to Matt to open right before the game.

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