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This new money is intended to build upon that work and will allow the RCMP to develop curricula and training to improve sexual assault complaint procedures.Ottawa is setting aside million, with another million per year ongoing, to expand Canada's Gender-Based Violence Strategy.But while Galliford’s allegations of harassment reached as far as the House of Commons this week, one of her most explosive claims is only now being made public.Galliford says the rampant sexism within the ranks of the RCMP that ruined her health and career may also have contributed to the mismanagement of the Pickton murder investigation, at a cost of many lives.A sleep-deprived Catherine Galliford is running on adrenalin and ragged nerves after a wild week that saw the RCMP corporal rock her employer with claims that she was sexually harassed and bullied by senior officers, even as she served as the spokesperson for two of the biggest investigations in the force’s history.Galliford was calm and competent on camera as the public face of the RCMP’s investigations into the Air India bombings that claimed 329 lives, and serial murders committed by Robert Pickton on his Port Coquitlam pig farm.

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Status of Women Canada will receive million to address gender-based violence at post-secondary institutions.

The government body — which the Trudeau government is promising to turn into a full government ministry — will work with various stakeholders, provinces and territories across the country.

That money will be used in part to help fund programs that address teen dating violence, and to expand the High Needs Victims Fund that supports rape crisis centres.

Money also will go toward assisting the RCMP in improving the investigative capabilities of the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre, and to support sexual assault centres located near Canadian Forces bases.

Galliford said the information on illegal guns at the Pickton farm that precipitated that 2002 warrant was already in the old Coquitlam RCMP file.

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