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You want to look like Jennifer Aniston—[she] would be a picture perfect girl, because she doesn’t look like she’s overdone. She’ll age to be 60 and they’ll still say her name.” 3. You need to know what your color is.” MORE: First Date Makeup That Will Get a Second Date 4. But, also stock a quick hair removal solution for your legs and under your arms. So I might take my shower and completely bare and shave my legs in the shower because then I run back into bed and who knows maybe it’s going to last long and we’re gonna have a second time around the lamppost so to speak.” 6. And then you won’t be in heat, so you’ll still look clean but you’re not gonna give it away first off.” 7. They should think you just woke up this way, as Beyonce says or had a little summer glow from the beach. I’m a big fan of pink golds from Bobbi Brown—that is my go-to. If she ever discontinues that color, I’ll probably commit suicide. The folks over at Perfumania—they have amazing brands. Studies have shown that vanilla and pumpkin spice are the number 1 kind of attractors for men to be drawn to you, so keep that in mind.” 5. Patti says the “best-kept Hollywood Secret” is to shave your face.

Read more Moschino's 2016 Resort Nails, Decoded The love guru opened up about beauty, dating and how to "snare a man without killing him" last week at SIXTY Beverly Hills, where she also celebrated her new position as brand ambassador for Completely Bare wax products. And as the new brand ambassador for the affordably priced Completely Bare Wax, she says there’s no more excuses for letting things get, um, out of control.If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy, then you know that summer is the ultimate time for romance.But hot summer flings don’t necessarily go hand in hand with sticky summer weather.Read more Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Celebrate North's Second Birthday at Disneyland 3. “Make a good single girlfriend,” says Stanger of the best single-lady tactics for finding Mr. “You know Mindy Kaling was saying recently she can’t make a friend — like, ‘I’ll be your friend’ — anyway, she’s saying how hard it is to find friends later in life, let alone find a husband.And I think it’s great if you have a single friend that’s really for you." But Stanger warns that finding a lady friend with opposite tastes is key — or else things could get ugly.And as for how to go about keeping it all in tip-top shape south of the border? But you can do a landing strip, stars, pentagrams — I don’t give a shit." 2. Spontaneous summer trips are what summer memories are made of, so Stanger recommends being prepared for anything.

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