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Bill meets his old hot dog eating competitor and challenges him to see who can eat more pancakes at the reunion breakfast, while Judy is shocked to see that the most popular girl at school has become a successful architect and has a "perfect life." Meanwhile, Linda scores a date with an ex-boyfriend.As her 13th birthday approaches, Bill tries to help Lauren get the attention of a boy she likes, but only ends up humiliating her.

Linda's athletic boyfriend makes Bill want to prove he can still be active, so he joins an inline hockey league.

The 48-year-old actress is joined by co-star Finn Wittrock as they spent the afternoon filming scenes for the movie on Thursday (March 22) in London, England.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Renee Zellweger Renee looked glam in a perfectly coiffed brown wig, fur coat, and kitten heels while Finn rocked a trench coat and shades.

Judy then decides to let her sister live her own life, and as a result she starts over controlling her children's lives with all the extra time she has in her hands.

When they can't take it anymore, Bill decides to get the two back together and establish peace in the family.

Judy fixes things by arranging an outing to a blink-182 concert, where Lauren is subjected to all new, bigger humiliations. Brian joins the school football team, but quits because the other kids are picking on him.

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