Non jewish man dating jewish women


One of the main jobs for women was to beautify the building.

There are Torah ark curtains and Torah covers that women sewed and survive today.

The reasoning behind the Halacha was that a woman and her body would distract men and give them impure thoughts during prayer.The role of women in Judaism is determined by the Hebrew Bible, the Oral Law (the corpus of rabbinic literature), by custom, and by non-religious cultural factors.Although the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic literature mention various female role models, religious law treats women differently in various circumstances.Women usually attended synagogue, for example, on the Sabbath and the holidays.Depending on the location of the women in the synagogue, they may have followed the same service as the men or they conducted their own services.A typical mechitzah consists of wheeled wooden panels, often topped with one-way glass to allow women to view the Torah reading.

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