Myspace singles hookup

If Paul had a steady source of income, he would have been able to take Amber out on a date and give her a present for the holidays.

Unfortunately, Paul and Amber couldn’t take their relationship to the next level.They inevitably end up spending the holidays alone each year. He swore that he’d never repeat the same mistakes he made last holiday season.I’m happy to report that Paul now has a steady income since he has learned to make money on Myspace.He even posted a Christmas joke as his first bulletin. Paul immediately added her and they began conversing through Myspace message.About an hour later, Paul had a new Myspace “friend request.” Guess who? The communication between Paul and Amber was steady for a few weeks.“Wow,” he thought to himself, “a girl with a cat named Hemmingway that loves to work on cars? ” But when you’re presented with millions of members of the opposite sex, anything is possible! He took a good look at it and decided that it was rather lame.

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