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He said a recent psychologist's report portrayed Azzopardi as a 'very difficult historian' who even laughed off the doctor's attempt to clarify her first name as Samantha.'It is disturbing in the extreme that at 29 years of age she still tries to pass herself off as an adolescent,' the judge said.

Azzopardi's solicitor, Phillip Ryan, said it was hard to see her motivation for the fraud and 'many layers of the onion' would have to be peeled to get there.'She's willing to take the relevant steps along that process,' Mr Ryan said.

Cutera had featured Jenner in ad campaigns for its Laser Genesis acne treatment.

In June 2017, Kendall and her sister, Kylie, launched a line of "vintage" T-shirts on their website for their lifestyle brand, Kendall Kylie.

including Jenner's signature Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick.

Jenner has also promoted various other non-signature products from the product line throughout the year.

Designer Sally La Porte claimed Jenner's approval of her line helped the designer key into the particulars of her ideal buyers.

After working in commercial print ad campaigns and photoshoots, Jenner had breakout seasons in 20, walking the runways for high fashion designers during the New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

The app's deployment worked to Jenner's advantage; she ranked as D'Marie's #1 fashion influencer across all categories as of February 19, 2016, Jenner was at the center of public scrutiny in April 2017 after starring in a commercial for Pepsi called "Live for Now".

The commercial cast her in a role in which she used the beverage to make peace between police officers and protesters.

The shirts retailed at 5 and featured logos or images of famous musicians or bands (Tupac Shakur, The Doors, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and The Notorious B. G.) with bright images or logos associated with the Jenners superimposed over them.

The shirts were met with criticism from the public, as well as several cease and desist letters from the estates of the musicians and artists that were featured without permission.

The 29-year-old used a fake Californian birth certificate to pose as a Sydney high school student named Harper Hart - repeating a similar story that previously fooled authorities in Ireland and Canada.

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