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For the past year, our organization, Oral History and Folklife Research, has been engaged in an oral history project, Immigrant Voices, conducting interviews with immigrants from numerous countries, who have come to Maine at differing points in their lives and different points in history.

The narrators in the project have come from Somalia, France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Burundi and Ghana.

Build a wall around it and let them extinct themselves. Im giving it to them anyway, at least this is some light at the end of the tunnel On Sunday, June 25, 1961, ten members of the American Nazi Party arrived at a Nation of Islam rally in Washington, DC.

In this regard it must be quite clearly understood that we cannot get back the territories we have lost if we depend on solemn imprecations before the throne of the Almighty God or on pious hopes in a League of Nations, but only by the force of arms.

Plus I have a better chance of meeting a nice single White guy up there.

There are no eligible single White men here in Phoenix, it's mostly Mestizo Mexicans and Blacks, and I'm sick of the hot, dry, and dusty dirty desert.

Whoso approaches women still faces the immemorial dangers.

Civilization has not made them a bit more safe than they were in Solomon's time; they are still inordinately menacing, and hence, inordinately provocative, and hence inordinately charming. As long as its an autonomous state that has nothing to do with USA, have at it!

Adolf Hitler had something relevant to say on the subject.

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