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In regards to the many passionate smooches he shares with co-star Julianne Hough in the film, we’ll have you know he said Ryan Seacrest was “cool” with him kissing his significant other.

Dont’cha wish your ex was hot like his: Wormald dated Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts for three years.

“We always say don't judge it until you've seen it because we thought the same thing when we initially heard they were going to remake 'Footloose,'” explains Hough, noting that the project was originally conceived as a musical directed by Kenny Ortega and starring Zac Efron.

"We stayed really true to the original," he told Us.

"Not with the choreography, but with the actual plot. To have the opportunity to actually act in a dance movie that has a really strong plot was really great.

At that point, paying homage became the utmost priority. However, while Wormald fended off feelings of pressure, that does not mean he did not have his fair share of worries walking into his second job as lead actor.

However, contrary to popular belief, Wormald claims that he and Hough felt more responsibility than pressure. “I know now that I carry a film with a good cast and a good director and a good studio behind it,” Wormald says.

Wormald told the Vancouver Sun he was 10 when he first saw the iconic dance film.

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