Justachat girls


According to authorities, Pierce allegedly lured the girl into his car, drove her to his home, and manhandled her inside, where he proceeded to choke her until she was knocked out.After Pierce was picked up for the sexual assault, police would scour his apartment for more clues.

Kievik: ka top Kievik: gj Kievik: support isnt trolling Kievik: he is good lol Kievik: fb assist Kievik: and flash top Kievik: ur an idiot Kievik: just farm and stop blaming everyone and typing Kievik: cass dont touch farm Kievik: just play Kievik: stop being toxic, stop typing, farm and win Kievik: lets go Kievik: let it shove to me Kievik: red does hella damage to it Kievik: clearly its tarics fault that he has more farm than our adc Kievik: who is blaming everyone else Kievik: #silverisjustbronzewithluckykids Kievik: how is he uselss Kievik: he just got me a double kill Kievik: what are you smoking kid Kievik: get me some Kievik: umm taric can stun Kievik: yeah because my bot lane spent all game complaining Kievik: if you cant win that in a bronze match Kievik: then you suck Kievik: that simple Kievik: im 2/1 vs a silver 3 one trick jayce Kievik: right, i do Kievik: cuz...Kievik: ekoo literally running into 4 on 1s and dieng Kievik: my attitude?and im actually playing the game Kievik: wtf are you talking about Kievik: ekko is feeding, but youre bitching at me Kievik: wtf Kievik: mute all Kievik: youre a jungler Kievik: go farm jungle Kievik: i dont need your help pushing ffs Kievik: pls report this ekko Kievik: our jg is 1/7 Kievik: its gg Kievik: ekko is following me around taking my farm Kievik: and inting Kievik: hes trolling Kievik: clearly you dont know how this game works lux Kievik: cs = gold .Since 1996, we have been trying to provide you with a good online community and free chat room.This makes us one of the oldest online communities on the internet. Mobile version of Quickly send mails to your friends with your phone or check whether they are currently online in the chat.But a 14 day ban, while both of the people who flamed me relentlessly, and actually fed are still free to play?

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