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, 15–16) as well as adultery (ibid., 10) and incest (ibid., 11ff.). Legislation on sex occupies considerable space in the codes of Jewish law, as do warnings against lewdness in thought, word, or deed in the moralist literature of Judaism.

On the other hand, it rejects the notion of considering the sex instinct as intrinsically sinful or shameful. Indeed, to the rabbis, who frowned on *celibacy, it was this instinct which completed the creation of the world and caused God to pronounce His work as "very good" (Gen. Building on the foundations of the pragmatic laws in the Torah and of the passionate denunciation of pagan licentiousness by the prophets, the rabbis erected a complex structure of regulations to govern every area of sex life.

2:1 and 11b), since "there is no guardian against unchasteness" (Ket. The Jewish attitude to sex, then, shows a certain apparent ambivalence or, more correctly, a balance between extremes.

It insists on a stern discipline of moral restraints and yet avoids excessive prudery or asceticism.

Social media in the country were flooded with photos and videos of the couple during the ceremony.

“I am very happy to be able to participate in the overthrow of the wall of prejudice and false moralism that prevented same-sex unions,” party planner Ricardo Stambowsky, who was organizing his first gay wedding ceremony, told the local media.

It’s an iconic art deco masterpiece standing opposite the white sandy Copacabana beach.

The sex drive should be sublimated rather than suppressed, for "were it not for the evil inclination, no man would build a home and marry" (Gen. Particularly extensive are the rules of family *purity based on the prohibition of sexual relations with a menstruant woman (Lev. Similarly elaborated are the laws on birth *control, *sterilization, and *abortion, as well as the ban on *prostitution (based on Deut.

), and indeed on any sexual relations outside lawful wedlock (Maim., Yad, Ishut 1:1–4).

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013 following a National Justice Council decision, which orders notaries of every Brazilian state to perform same-sex marriages.

In four years, 15,000 same-sex couples have officially registered to be married, according to the agency.

Yad, Issurei Bi'ah, ) are typical statements.

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