Is nia long still dating

has also helped her to be established as a professional actress.

TAYE: Hopefully, that’s up to you [the audience], you have the power! » EXCLUSIVE: Keke Palmer Tells Us How She Really Feels After Getting Ridiculed For Revealing Her Own #METOO Situation» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Chrissy’s Truth Serum Humbles Fiancé Jim Jones Like Never Before» EXCLUSIVE: Laticia Rolle Opens Up For The First Time - Boyfriend Shaq 'Rushed' Her Into Creating The LBD For Hats Why He's Totally Going To Marry Her » Juelz Santana Is Out Of Jail On Bail, Cam’ron & Kimbella Rejoice PETA Pulls Up On Vivica A.He admitted that he actually cheated on his ex-wife repeatedly with three different women. He explained why some men cheat and how it changes the dynamic of the relationship: “brought this sh*t on myself. ” Rock had a different perspective though, see what he had to say below…During that same interview, Chris Rock revealed that everything was all good with their date, until Nia said this one thing that completed turned him off.Her skills in ballet, tap and gymnastics have always complemented her to add a little more in the dimension of her profession.

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