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Apple has a lot of advice for managing i Phone battery life and I followed as much of it as possible: None of these actions, however, prevented the battery life miscalculations from happening again.

While taking an Uber with two co-workers a few weeks ago, I quizzed them about their i Phone batteries (on their i Phone 6 and 6S devices). Then our driver piped up and said he’d has similar issues to the ones I described, even though he only had his phone for a year.

If you notice the decrease in quality when you are taking photos in dim lit places, turn off Live Photos features. Fix i Phone 6S Wi Fi Problems Some users suddenly stop connecting to their Wi Fi networks or the speed decreases than normal.

Sometimes my i Phone’s battery meter delivers them. I keep it in good shape, never dropping it, subjecting it to extreme temperatures, or dunking it in bodies of water. Fact: On a recent weekday afternoon, I picked up my i Phone, which had been sitting on my desk untouched for hours, and noticed it was reporting just 18% battery life. I quickly plugged it into a charger and, a moment later, the rating was 43%. I think that initial battery meter reading may have been an alternate fact and this i Phone battery problem is more widespread than I realized — or Apple is willing to admit.

Apple received thousands of complaints regarding this issue on battery percentage indicator.

According to them, their battery percentage indicator is not properly updating which does not show the correct amount of battery left. Those people who are travelling do not know the correct amount of charge they have and their batteries suddenly die.

After less than 30 minutes on charge it is once again displaying 100%!

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