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package info.androidhive.navigationdrawer.activity; import android.content. To give you full information about navigation drawer, instead of choosing the drawer temple, I am creating an empty project and add the navigation drawer by explaining every step is needed.

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The ideal scenario for the query cache tends to be largely read-only, where there are a number of very expensive queries which examine millions of rows only to return a few.

But long term most applications do have a use-case for implementing some level of both approaches.

We are looking for community feedback on the use-cases for the Query Cache in My SQL.

It might be very difficult to make any database changes to that other application. If the data has many access patterns to being served (i.e.

appears on many different pages in different formats), then invalidating the cache on update may be difficult and/or require stale data to be served.

When it prompts you to select the activity, choose Empty Activity and continue.

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