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factor in determining which requirements to include in a community order.

Offence-specific guidelines refer to three sentencing levels within the community order band based on offence seriousness (low, medium and high).

To ensure that the overall terms of the suspended sentence are commensurate with offence seriousness, care must be taken to ensure requirements imposed are not excessive.

A court wishing to impose onerous or intensive requirements should reconsider whether a community sentence might be more appropriate.

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Provided, however, that the court may, in the interest of justice, order a sentence to run concurrently in a situation where consecutive sentences are required by this subdivision if it finds either mitigating circumstances that bear directly upon the manner in which the crime was committed or, where the defendant was not the sole participant in the crime, the defendant's participation was relatively minor although not so minor as to constitute a defense to the prosecution.Being Physically Intimidating Being Socially Intimidating Community Q&A Intimidation is making others feel fear, nervousness, or inadequacy in order to gain social standing or produce a desired outcome.Although it is seen as a negative quality in many interpersonal interactions, it can be helpful in sports, business, and other competitive environments.See below for non-exhaustive examples of requirements that might be appropriate in each.At least one requirement MUST be imposed for the purpose of punishment and/or a fine imposed in addition to the community order unless there are exceptional circumstances which relate to the offence or the offender that would make it unjust in all the circumstances to do so.Learning to be intimidating can also help you avoid being intimidated by others.

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