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St Andrews is the all-time worst place to be single, especially if you’re a girl. S., I was seduced by the promise of beautiful British boys with their adorable accents and charming floppy hair frolicking along the Scottish seaside.

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All I want is a boy to buy me Empire – is that too much to ask? I’m not saying that single-life in St Andrews is the end of the world.

The event is structured as a form of “speed dating for technology” format.

As part of Data Privacy Month, volunteer IT professionals will run a series of 10-minute demonstration sessions on a number of online privacy enhancing tools and techniques, including: • Password management • Social media settings • Ad blockers • Browser settings • Setting up a VPN at UCLA • Laptop theft recovery • Smartphone settings • UCLA cloud service offerings Thursday, February 11, 2016 | AM- PM | Charles E.

With all the bars/pubs closing at or around 12am, I can’t help feeling like Cinderella, surrounded by rotting pumpkin and various vermin as I wait for someone to pick up the shoe I’ve drunkenly flung to the curb. My grades are up, I’ve knit about 10 different garments this semester, I’ve started writing for online publications (it’s amazing how many outlets there are for my sexual frustration). Why not strike up a conversation in line for some machine-coffee at the 1413 (does anyone call it that)?

Or perhaps offer to buy someone a drink, just because they seem nice?

When dry, glue onto black construction paper and let the child stick some gold star stickers on the paper around the 'earth'.

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