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At the same time, not only the countrys ‘elites but considerable parts of its populace as well developed a mental dependence on the West.

Now, the has come when we are called to sweep away the main ill-effects of the contra-natural Time of Troubles that our people experienced at the end of the 20 century.

Many of them, in fact, have half-emigrated, acquiring British or other foreign citizenships.

The deficiency of sovereign strategic-action commitment in the governing strata is only too evident.

However, overcoming the obsessions of self-destruction took so much time and effort; the revivals would cost so dearly in terms of sacrifices.

In 1991, the Russian statehood was plunged, again, into a contra-natural state of self-annihilation.

They must set off a large-scale re-formation of the entire Russian Statehood – setting off, in effect, a New Course for the country. Those who still hope for a return to the pre-crisis 2000s are wrong in their expectation.

The leadership reexamines its attitudes towards the high-ranking officialdom, the role of ideological mechanisms and mass media, actions in the information realm.

Huge resources are funneled into the main direction of growth, i.e.

As for his words that Russia needs now a modernization like that of the 1930s, these made a good half of the elite fall into a brain freeze.

The large parts of the countrys governing stratum have quite different guidelines and concerns.

This report gives an outline of reorientation of Russia towards a Major Breakthrough action. This is, inevitably, a sketchy outline of the technical process involved.

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