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Having limited the number of right swipes on its free app, Tinder jumped from spot No. However, it remained in the top 100 i OS apps during March 2015.

According to Tech Crunch, subscriber estimates for Tinder Plus vary, with Credit Suisse estimating 100,000 and Morgan Stanley 297,000 users.

Subscriptions cost up to .99 a month depending on age, a move that has been widely criticised.

Tinder confirmed that Q1 2015 was the app’s highest registration quarter to date.

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Chris Merwin, VP at Barclays, confirmed: “It’s growing very, very fast and the monetization opportunity is enormous.

However, research also found that a quarter of Tinder users are already paying for online dating, compared to one in eight dating site visitors.

Translating these users into Tinder Plus customers will be an important next step for the company in the future.

An evaluation by Clickz found that Tinder’s massive growth can be attributed to millennials who predominantly use their mobile phones.

Within a year, the online dating as a category went from desktop to mobile-dominated.

In December 2014, IAC confirmed that Tinder had been downloaded 40m times.

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