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This is usually the date your form is received or the date you call the enquiry line (if you then return the claim pack within 6 weeks).There are ‘special rules’ so you get Attendance Allowance more quickly if you’re not expected to live more than 6 months.Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Call the Attendance Allowance helpline to ask for alternative formats, such as braille, large print or audio CD.

This does not mean, however, that they are automatically entitled to more pay!This patented design is the last IMS bearing you will ever need.Brought to you by the team that developed the original and often imitated IMS Retrofit™, the IMS Solution is the only permanent solution to catastrophic IMS bearing failures by complete omission of the problematic single row ball bearing and now the dual row ball bearing.Rest assured, therefore, the Unions will fuel the argument at some point and we believe they will succeed!On a practical level, therefore, review your business model to determine whether and how best to accommodate the position if this ‘working time’ has to be paid?In short, therefore, travel time for mobile workers is currently unpaid.

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