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I'm not making this up. - The place where people of like conservative minds can come together to meet. 38x 29 little heavy conservative clothing likes toeat mothers cooking (she's italian and cooks well) I lookgreat on my italian motor scooter must love animals Looking for First must be Another Sean Hannity listener (on the right). never crapy Adrink Here and there is acceptable i don't drink liveclose to bay area humorous serious compassionate35-41 not dull must love animals excepts my cured bout ofepilepsy loves plants even fly traps Important Notices: By participating on this discussion board, visitors agree to abide by the rules outlined on our Rules page.Whether you are looking for a life partner, or just someone to hang out with, here you'll be able to find exactly who you are looking for, locally or around the world. Messages posted on the Democratic Underground Discussion Forums are the opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Democratic Underground, LLC.It's fun, interactive, safe and anonymous - until you decide to take it further." and If you refresh a new loser comes up. Home | Discussion Forums | Journals | Store | Donate About DU | Contact Us | Privacy Policy Got a message for Democratic Underground? i'm a southern baptist andi go to first baptist church. i'm thankful to God and President Bush and Jesus for all the blesings in my word of God says that gays are not going to heaven whichis why i'm not gay... • You understand and accept that this website uses cookies.

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