Gridview rowupdating oldvalues empty pros and cons of dating a divorced man with kids

At example you can add a Command Button in the grid itself or simply start editing let’s say on a row double click.

There are also many other modes, you have rich client and server side methods in order to start editing one or more rows.

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The database is part of the project and it will be automatically mounted by VS.

You can change this easily be creating your own database and changing the connection string in the web config.

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In order to make this thing actually work, we need to modify the stored procedure that we defined in previous post sp_Get Credit Card Imports.

Text) '這是抓cell裡面的Text Box(即是編輯狀態下的Text Box,抓的到值)End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Row Updating Dim edit Index As Integer = Grid View1.

At the end the result should be similar to this, however there is much more, so check this post till the end. Live version persist the data in the session so each new session will reset all the data you have inserted. If you are interested in the code, I can provide it to you, just ask in comments.

As first we will add a couple of new methods in our Data Service class.

Text)'這是抓cell裡面的Label(即是非編輯狀態下的Label,抓不到值) Response.

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