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If you're struggling to understand the basics, or you just need a recap of everything we've learnt so far, this is a comprehensive Q&A that explains how we got here and how this is all likely to end.Malta’s Prime Minister and his wife are under investigation over claims they were on the receiving end of secretive company structures, trusts and international transactions.Wolverine bats for the other side - albeit it firmly and with clawed hands.

For all we know, she may only be releasing what her source allows her to release. All she has, she has by two miraculous strokes of luck: a giant Panama Papers leak, and a whistleblower who is filling the gaps.

But then again he seems like pretty nice guy and outing him against his will doesn't seem right.

Either the Prime Minister and his wife are looting the country through a convoluted web of companies and structures, or our Opposition is manipulating a near-coup with the help of a blogger ally.

What’s really interesting is the way the government reacted. Joseph Muscat reacted by saying he would sue for libel and ask for the case to be heard with urgency.

Imagine you were a Prime Minister at the top of your game being accused of such a dark web of corruption which also involves countries as far as Azerbaijan. In the meantime, the owner of the bank at the centre of the alleged transactions - Pilatus Bank - arrived at his offices late at night and was filmed leaving with some suitcases.

A third company - the one Caruana Galizia is connecting to the Prime Minister's wife - was set up at the same time, in the same way, by the same financial advisers: Nexia BT (you’ll be hearing the name a lot - the BT stands for the boss Brian Tonna’s initials). The government first played it cool and downplayed the significance of these structures.

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