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To be truthful, most of the crimes here in Brazil are crimes of opportunity, careless victims making themselves stand out or look vulnerable.

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NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides researchers and data scientists with simple access to a comprehensive catalog of GPU-optimized software for deep learning and high performance computing (HPC) that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs.Wallets should not be carried in the hip pocket of your pants for the same reason, if at all possible carry it in the front pocket or use a moneybelt.I have seen some interesting money pouches that look like a shoulder holster and are made to be worn under your shirt.This affords you clear vision traffic movement and anything that might be suspicious.Remember that the vast majority of crimes are committed by those on motorcycles, so steer clear of motorcycles as much as possible.If you do go into a favela NEVER TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH IN PUBLIC, this could be extremely dangerous. Be it day or night you are always much safer if you are accompanied by others.

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