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, you can charge many expenses on credit cards, expenses like school fees, hospital costs, club dues, dentist bills and real estate taxes.

Knowing that you can use a credit card in an emergency saves a lot of worry.

But the merchant is charged a service fee by the bank which can be 2% to 4% of the purchase price.

There are thousands of banks that issue credit cards in their name.

However, after a while, these promotional rewards on your free credit card may be changed or limited in various ways.

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If the balance is not paid off in full, interest is charged for the full month on the purchase.

The credit is extended on the basis of your promise to repay it. , pay attention to the interest rate, the late fees and other small print.

If you pay off the entire balance owed on your account by the due date, no interest is charged.

If you exceed the credit limit, accidentally or deliberately, the bank charges another penalty fee.

Whenever you feel that you are charged penalties or fees that were not warranted, you should write the card company, explain your position and request that the fees be waived.

A credit card is useful for mail order, telephone and online purchases, too. Once a month, youll receive a statement from the credit card company, showing your purchases and the amount you owe, and the date your payment is due.

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